A.H. On Tour

Theater Jazz Master Classes

Aitor Hernandez presents a new concept of training. After a long and successful career as a teacher in Madrid, Aitor takes his classes to schools all over Spain and Europe. Through original and energetic Master Classes, students have the chance to experience their style, within an inspiring, challenging and positive environment.

As an essential part of dance training, a Master Class allows dancers to learn new styles, improve their technique, leave the comfort zone, get new corrections, and discover their possibilities.

Each school chooses the Master Class/es they please. All have a certain length, level and structure; but they are totally adaptable. You can also propose a different Master Class. Thus, everyone can immerse themselves for a few hours in their passion for dance.

AH On Tour: Theater Jazz Master Classes is an intensive and different quality training. A great chance for dancers to achieve success.

Contact Aitor directly to teach in your studio, or any additional information: