Aitor Hernandez is a dancer, teacher and choreographer from Madrid who has been in show business for almost 3 decades. One of his last projects is AH On Tour: Theater Jazz Master Classes, taking the Musical Theater training to national and international schools.

With a BA in Psychology (UCM) and a Degree in Spanish Dance (APDE), his professionalism and energy are contagious. He has had the opportunity to create choreographies for schools in Madrid and New York: Broadway Dance Center, Academia de Danza Esther Racero, Escuela de Cine y Teatro Musical María Beltrán, or El Horno. His choreography has also been presented in important venues such as Teatro Mira, Teatro del Barrio, Sala La Riviera and Sala Ancora. His curriculum as a choreographer (and dancer) continues to grow due to his work with musical artists (Anitxa Music), dance companies (Ballet Fantasy), and in events and competitions (group Tankory).

His training begins in small local studios and reaches the major leagues of New York. He started dancing in a Spanish Dance company when he was 3, coming on countless stages for 13 years. At the same time, he combined it with men’s artistic gymnastics, competing at the regional level. He continued training in different schools and he had the chance to travel again with Compañía Lírica de Zarzuela de Madrid. One of its most iconic numbers (La Boda de Luis Alonso) was broadcast on TV.

He began his Jazz training at schools in Madrid (Madrid Dance Center or Karen Taft) with the best teachers (Carlos Alvés, Anahí Cabido, Iker Karrera, Raul Cassinerio …), getting to know styles such as Street Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, among others. In 2008 and 2011, he won the best technique and best attitude prize, respectively, in a dance competition.

His eagerness to improve and learn took him to New York, where he discovered his passion: Musical Theater. He keeps on training at prestigious schools like Broadway Dance Center or Steps on Broadway. He has taken classes with the best professionals in the business (Broadway, So You Think You Can Dance), getting an Excellence Certificate (ISVP Program). Some of these teachers: Sheila Barker, Brian Thomas, Debbie Roshe, Al Blackstone, Billy Griffin, Nick Kenkel, Jacob Brent, Richard Hinds or Derek Mitchell.

Mustidisciplinary artist, he has performed in numerous musical shows at Teatro Real, Teatro Reina Victoria or Teatro Amaya. He has worked in dance companies such as Ballet Insigne, Baila Bollywood, Ballet Fantasy or The Carlos Alvés Company. He has collaborated with artists such as Jackson Smith or Pablo San Andrés (participating in his music video Eres tú). One of his best experiences was dancing through the streets of Manhattan at the NYC Dance Parade. He has participated in other events for companies like BBVA, BMW, Flashmob Style or Bodyshop. He has also danced in theme parks and hotels. Other works: director/choreographer (Kellogs, FAE, Grupo Santander), judge in dance competitions, singer, entertainer and fitness instructor.

But if there is something Aitor was born for, apart from dancing, that is teaching. He is an inspiring, dedicated teacher, capable of getting the best out of each student in a positive, demanding, challenging way. His Theater Jazz classes are an excellent preparation for auditions: They are dynamic, with a high pace of learning, in order to work the memory. All this can be found in a pleasant, safe and full-of-positive-energy environment.

His versatile training and career has enriched his unique style. It combines Jazz technique with storytelling, resulting in choreographies full of musicality, precision, isolation, strength and expression.

Aitor has taught thousands of people, nationally and internationally for more than 10 years. He has worked in dance schools as a regular, substitute (even for other styles) and guest teacher. Some of these schools: Karen Taft, Academia de Danza Esther Racero, El Horno, Miguel Marchán, Dance Factory, Mercapto, Danza Creativa or even Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs. Among his students are professionals of this business, who said that having taken his classes has helped them get their work.

He has also directed several International Musical Theater Workshop (Japan-Madrid).

There is nothing to stop this dance and kinesiology lover, perfectionist worker and advocate of a pedagogical, real and clear education. Thanks for your visit!